Pandit Sushil Shastri

Pandit Sushil Shastri, 22 years of ritualistic experience and about 15 years of Vaastu experience. Under Ranjan village, started in Ganpati temple. There after a year's service, they are doing rituals permanently in Mumbai.

There is an urge to conduct all types of worship rituals with great dedication and beauty in complete Vedic method. He is also a worshiper of Baglamukhi. Through, our aim is to reach the Sanatan Vedic system from door to door. It is our first objective to get eligible Vedic Brahmins sitting at home with a single click.

Due to the contact of our university, you can book Brahmins for any kind of worship rituals anywhere through our website, as well as the arrangements for suitable worship materials are also done by us. In today's advanced time, we also provide the facility of worship-rituals through virtual medium. Our main objective is to get the satisfaction of the worship done by you and its worthy results.

Mrs. Kinnari Sushil Dubey,

It is said that luck always stays with you, even after taking a bachelor's degree in computer science, due to astrological curiosity, she practiced astrology with guru knowledge. Being associated with science, astrology is also learned keeping logic and experience in mind. The importance of astrology and science, the importance of spirituality along with worship, the logical reason for worship rituals are also well understood. Astrology is not the science of today, astrology is considered as the eye of the Vedas.

After so many modifications our scientific sages have created astrology, we are using it for the progress and advancement of common people under their guidance.

Our 9 years of experience of astrology, self study from many books of astrology and Guru's blessings have enabled us to consult horoscope. Horoscope is the same as the sign of the previous birth. Which karma is right for him and which karma is harmful in the life of a person!! Which planet is beneficial and which planet has loss!! You can easily know this through horoscope.

We do phone consultations and 1to1 consulting. Stay connected with us through our website to understand astrology from scientific point of view, horoscope analysis, Vastu consultation, crystal healing, tarot card reading, planetary defects solution by mantra, worship-recitation rituals, chanting etc.